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Effective Remote Worker Management Software

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Managing Remote Workers

Keep your team hybrid and happy

Everyone reacts differently to hybrid working, but the more you know, the happier your team will be. That’s where we come in.

Managing remote workers
Keep your team motivated

Keep your team motivated

Some people love motivational chats, others just want to be left to get on with it. Some are driven by targets, others find the idea daunting.

This is the type of information Thomas Perform will tell you about your team, along with advice on how to motivate team members based on their individual results.

Pretty motivating, right?

Keep the relationships real

Keep the relationships real

Different members of your team will find hybrid working easier than others. Perhaps half your team thrive without the office distractions, whereas others will miss the interaction.

Know this about your team and put actions in place to keep the team spirit alive for those who enjoy it.

Stick the kettle on and have a chat, they’ll thank you for it.

Hattons Model Railways

"We’ve found that the Thomas Behaviour assessment has been invaluable in enabling us to develop deeper one-to-one relationships with all of our staff, especially when working remotely. In particular, it’s given me deep insight into the communication and behavioural preferences of the team so that I can talk to, manage and motivate them as individuals, the way they prefer."

Richard Davies, Managing Director
My routine, my way

For those who need the routine

In Thomas Perform, you’ll see which team members crave the structure around work and may find the uncertainty of hybrid working stressful.

We'll give you advice on how to manage workers like this, all backed by science.



Put the power of people science to work straight away with no training needed.



Find every role’s best fit, and assemble harmonious teams with easy-to-understand insights.



Underpinned by proven psychological science and validated by world-class institutions and academics.