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Employee Wellbeing

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Employee Wellbeing

Focus on wellbeing and boost productivity

Use people science to support your team, understand them and give them the tools they need to grow.

Employee Wellbeing
Feel more confident at work

Be more confident at work

There are parts of work that are difficult for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it should limit you.

We'll give you the tools to be more confident at work and build strategies on how to do the things that scare you. Managing conflict, working on assertiveness or perhaps learning how to say ‘no’.

Your profile will show you where you have room to grow, and we’ll help you get there.


Say goodbye to following the crowd

When people feel accepted, they don’t have to hide who they really are. That’s pretty empowering, right?

Colleague Compare highlights everyone's differences and gives tips on how to work best together, all put together by our team of business psychologists.

You’ll have a diverse, inclusive workplace where nobody has to hide who they really are.

Develop self-awareness

Develop self-awareness

The power of self-awareness shouldn’t be underestimated, so let's give everyone the tools to understand themselves.

You’ll see how you compare in different soft skills and personality traits to your colleagues and have the tools to make you more collaborate better, be more compassionate towards each other and work in a happy, inclusive way.

Help your managers manage wellbeing

Help your managers understand wellbeing

We want managers to look out for their team's wellbeing at work, but that can feel like a pretty big ask. Not with Thomas.

We give you the tools to really understand your team and how they like to be managed, as well as tips on how to motivate and communicate with each other.

It’s the power of people science, use it to empower your team.



Put the power of people science to work straight away with no training needed.



Find every role’s best fit, and assemble harmonious teams with easy-to-understand insights.



Underpinned by proven psychological science and validated by world-class institutions and academics.