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Workplace Personality Assessments for Recruitment

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Workplace Personality Tests & Assessments

Predict workplace success

  • Get insight into strengths & weaknesses
  • Improve interactions between individuals
  • Understand your peoples’ resilience
  • Increase manager & leader effectiveness
  • Better support wellbeing
  • Build more cohesive teams
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Thomas' workplace personality assessment

The Personality assessment gives you the people insights you need to make smarter recruitment decisions, protect your peoples’ wellbeing and improve business performance.

How our workplace personality test works

Using one of the most widely accepted psychological theories, presented in a user-friendly interface to give you the insights you need for effective recruitment and development (without having to be a certified psychologist).

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Simple assessment

Within just 10 minutes of your candidate’s or employee’s time, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the suitability to a role.

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Detailed insight

Understand more about an individual’s openness to change, whether they thrive in competitive environments, how they adjust to stressful situations and whether they are more likely than others to strive for success.

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Robust science

Based on the globally recognised and respected Big Five psychological theory, it has been extensively validated and optimised for workplace applications following psychometric research with thousands of participants.

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Assessment Information

  • Assessment type: Personality
  • Format: 78 questions
  • Time to complete: 10 minutes
  • Training required: None


The Thomas Personality assessment has been extensively validated and optimised for workplace applications following psychometric research with thousands of participants with the acquired data being subject to advanced statistical methods.

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For our senior team members, who are highly skilled and experienced people, the Personality assessment has helped to bring clarity to conversations on where to go next helping us to put leadership action plans in place.

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Michela Deegan
Learning and Development Manager
Personality Background

Background & Theory

The Thomas Personality assessment is powered by the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) which was developed by Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham in 2006.

The assessment measures Conscientiousness, Adjustment, Curiosity, Risk Approach, Ambiguity Acceptance and Competitiveness.

A person’s responses are reflected back as a position on a continuum for each of the 6 traits, consisting of Very Low, Low, Moderate, High or Very High. Too much or too little of a trait will have advantages as well as disadvantages. Certain trait levels can indicate a high potential to succeed, or potentially indicate characteristics that could de-rail an otherwise successful person.

Download the factsheet for more information on getting the best possible predictive insight into how well someone will fit a job role

Personality Format

Format of the Thomas Personality assessment

The Thomas Personality assessment is a self-report questionnaire. Individuals indicate their level of agreement on a 1-7 Likert scale (1 ‘disagree completely’ to 7 ‘agree completely) with 78 unique items. The Personality test takes just 10 minutes to complete.

HPTI Validity

Reliability & Validity

The Thomas Personality test has been developed over many years in collaboration with experts, professionals and practitioners through research programmes and in collaboration with researchers at University College London and High Potential Psychology Ltd.

The Personality test has been extensively validated and optimised for workplace applications following psychometric research with thousands of participants with the acquired data being subject to advanced statistical methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a workplace personality assessment for hiring?

A workplace personality assessment for hiring is a tool used to evaluate the personality traits and characteristics of job applicants. These assessments, also known as personality assessments for hiring, provide insights into how candidates may behave and interact in the workplace. By using a workplace personality test during the recruitment process, employers can make informed decisions about which candidates are the best fit for a particular role and the overall work environment.

How do pre-employment personality tests work?

Pre-employment personality tests, also referred to as pre-employment personality assessments, are designed to assess the personality traits, attitudes, and behaviours of job applicants before they are hired. Candidates are presented with a series of questions or statements and are asked to respond based on their preferences or opinions. The responses are then analysed to generate a profile that highlights the candidate's personality traits and characteristics. These tests provide valuable information to employers in making more informed hiring decisions.

How can workplace personality tests benefit employers and employees?

Workplace personality tests offer several benefits for both employers and employees. For employers, these tests provide insights into a candidate's suitability for a particular job role and work environment. By assessing the personality traits and behaviours of applicants, employers can identify individuals who possess the desired attributes and make better hiring decisions. This leads to better-quality hires and a more engaged and productive workforce. For employees, these tests promote self-awareness, helping them understand their strengths, limitations, and communication style. It allows employees to find job roles and work environments that align with their personality, fostering job satisfaction and career growth.

How do personality tests help with recruitment and selection?

Personality tests play a significant role in recruitment and selection processes. They provide additional information beyond qualifications and experience, helping employers assess a candidate's fit with the organisation's culture and job requirements. By evaluating a candidate's personality traits, work preferences, and communication style, employers can make more informed decisions about their potential for success in the role. Personality tests, including personality tests for recruitment and selection, help identify candidates who possess the desired traits and characteristics, increasing the likelihood of a good fit and reducing turnover. It ensures that the selected candidate aligns with the company's values and has the potential to thrive in the organisation.

How can employee personality tests help with development?

Employee personality profile tests offer valuable insights for employee development. By understanding their own personality traits, strengths, and limitations, employees can identify areas for improvement and personal growth. This self-awareness guides individuals in setting development goals and seeking training opportunities that align with their needs. Employee personality tests also facilitate team-building efforts by identifying complementary traits and improving communication and collaboration within teams. Employers can use the results of employee personality tests to create targeted development plans, assign appropriate roles, and provide tailored coaching and support. This helps enhance employee performance and job satisfaction.

How can Thomas help with workplace personality tests?

Thomas offers efficient and comprehensive assessments such as the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Our workplace personality tests, including the PPA, take just eight minutes to complete, making them convenient for busy HR teams. These assessments generate detailed profiles that assist employers in making informed decisions regarding recruitment, training, and development. The insights gained from our workplace personality tests enable businesses to match individuals to specific roles, improve communication, effectively onboard new hires, and provide targeted training opportunities. This ultimately leads to better hiring decisions and supports employee development.